Imagine the energy, the noise, the commotion, the passion you might experience at your first art show. Here you see a RAW Artist event. For some of these artists it was their first time showing their creativity in public. This is an overhead shot taken to cover all the aisles. 

The moment you decide to take what is private and make it public – for the world to enjoy, judge, and experience – you begin by harnessing your emotions and doing it in spite of the butterflies in your stomach. There are a million reasons NOT to do something, and a million reasons TO do something. Only you can choose which reasons you are going to act upon. When you do choose to share your work with the world, get ready for the emotional adventure.

Most people create their art in privacy, in the seclusion of their own creative space. It takes hours and hours and hours, work and work and more work. The idea germinates in their mind and then inspiration and passion combine to make the muscles work just right to create what was in their head. As the idea develops and grows, revisions take over and adjustments begin. It may take layer upon layer, erasures and remeasuring to get it just right. Once it is right, time to decide. Does it stay a private piece or one that gets shared? Is it good enough? Will someone like it? How does it compare to what is already out there in the world? If they like it, can it be done again? 

These types of questions lead to more questioning, which is followed by fear, panic, solitude and more work. It’s like a creative roller coaster ride where all your emotions are invited to tag along. Once you are invited or present at your first art show, the ride and emotions come alive all over again. The bright lights and spaces full of creative work overstimulate every sense. The thrill and the release is truly amazing. Then the moment comes when a complete stranger likes your work enough to spend their hard earned money to own it. I still remember the color of the shirt the young woman was wearing who bought my first piece. 

Today when you pass a picture on yoru wall or see a work of art in a hallway…stop and be thankful for the creative person who had the courage and passion to endure the ride. No matter how big or how small the work, anything creative that is shared with the world makes this earth a better place to dream.