From up above you can see the patterns of the earth. You can see where one segment ends and another begins. You can see roads and side streets and circular drives. You can see the trees and the open spaces and the buildings. The big things we can’t see at eye level suddenly become identifiable from above. The thing you can’t see is all the people. The distance prevents you from seeing anything that small. 

From above we get a different perspective, an alternate view of the big picture or the grand scheme of things. The daily routine we each travel does not often lend itself to seeing the big picture. It’s up to us to create or take the opportunity to see bigger. And that takes effort, time and imagination. Before we know it the day has ended, the week has past or the month is long behind us. Before we know it we have lost track of the last national holiday only to realize we are close again to the next one. Summers whiz by and Fall turns into Winter before we remember where we stashed the holiday gifts we bought in August. As we traverse each day, each to do itme, each activity…we can lose perspective and wonder why. Maybe it is time to get a view from above and see the big picture. 

It’s usually not a matter of taking time, it is a matter of making time. There are many things to fill our days, and we each get to choose what will occupy our twenty-four hours. We are in life where we have chosen to be. If we are broke, we have made choices that have led us here. If we are frustrated or annoyed or scared or happy…if we are filled with joy or alone or unsure of where to go next…we have made choices that have led us to this place. Most of us don’t want to admit that, but its’s true. 

When you feel overwhelmed by the current state of your world, time for a different perspective. You can gain that by going to a different place, traveling to a new location or viewing your world from above. Visit the top of a tall building, fly over your city in an airplane…or climb all the stairs to the top floor and enjoy the view from the roof. Some of those options are more available to us than others, but you get the picture. Make time today to gain perspective. Make time today to seeyour  world from a different view…make the time to appreciate the big and small things you can see from above.