One of the ways we all manage the hectic world we live in is by creating patterns, processes,and methods for getting things done. We schedule our time and tasks, we consistently do certain routines – exercise, getting ready, organizing our emails, pay the bills, pack for travel, plan for activities, winding down for the day. These patterns or routines help us navigate the chaos and feel a sense of accomplishment. We know when we are being successful when what we usually do accomplishes what we want. 

What about when things don’t go your way? What about when an event or life challenge rear ends your world and throws everything off? What about when you are invited to an event or to complete a project that is counter to your regular routines? How do you feel? Are you open to something different, or do you decline purely because it is outside of your comfort zone? Are you willing to stay up late to experience something new, or do you forego an adventure in order to stay with your routine? 

Here you see our cat Artie being a wiggle worm on our driveway. He would only look at me upside down. Strange cat I know, and yet it made me think about my perspective on things. He was having fun seeing me in a different way, and I was trying to get him to behave…or my definition of behave. When we face all that life has to offer, we often want the world to behave according to our defined routines and schedule. We get flustered and frustrated and overwhlemed when chaos creeps into our daily life…and yet maybe chaos is exactly what we need. 

Maybe it’s time to see things from a different persepctive. Maybe it is time to stop behaving according to the regular routine. Maybe it’s time to throw caution to the wind and embrace chaos. After you’ve cleaned out the closets and scheduled the bill payments, balanced your checkbook and paid your taxes…maybe you need to turn your world upside down for at least a day. Maybe you could use a different view of your daily life in order to see/approach/tackle your current problem from a whole new avenue. Maybe it is time for you to be a wiggle worm and turn your life upside down. Who knows, you might gain a better view and want things to stay that way. Today have the courage to be a wiggle worm and see what new things you might see.