Spring in our world means the onset of working outside. Everything from weeding, trimming bushes, planting trees, cleaning and painting, as well as mowing the lawn. It takes up a lot of our time, yet we enjoy working outside immensely. There is a great deal of satisfaction in manual labor, and being able to see the fruits of your labors. We live in a very beautiful place and it is a blessing to exert our efforts taking care of it. 

This year we have a new challange, our lawnmower died. It not only died, the man who checked to see if could be repaired said he had never seen such a thing in all his work on engines. I asked if we got points for stumping him…he laughed! We let him keep the mower in case he could use it for parts. Now we are without a lawnmower, and we have waaaayyy too much to mow. Time for plan B. 

So what’s plan B? We have one of those old time manual mowers that we use for small areas near the garden. It’s the kind that Mr Cleaver would have used on ‘Leave It to Beaver’…manual, small, and all it needs is a push. My husband and I spent the afternoon pushing it back  and forth across our yard. It was great exercise and it made me appreciate having a plan B. This is a first world problem…no one bleeds, no one starves, no one dies. It’s an annoying disruption to our regular process, and it takes ten times more work to get the job done…but it gets the job done. 

Sometimes in life you need to embrace plan B. It might not be a pretty option, it might require more work, it might even take ten times longer. Yet it is the only option you have. Plan B is all about being open to your second choice, and making it work as if it were your first choice. The key to success in life is all about how you handle plan B. I was VERY frustrated about the dead lawnmower, yet in the grand scheme of the world – terrorism, torture, death, destruction, poverty, world hunger, and too many commercials about the Presidential election…I was willing to do the work in the manner that would get the job done. I am also grateful that we are already shopping for a new lawnmower…which will become plan C!

Your challange today is to embrace plan B as if it were your plan A. Don’t let the small stuff get you down. Don’t let the death of a lawnmower prevent you from seeing the job done and enjoying the blessings of a beautiful place…there is always a plan B.