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Two little boys spending time together…friends, brothers, neighbors. Whatever the reason they are together, they are enjoying being kids. This painting hangs at Westwide Market (westsidemarket atl.com) where you can see and buy many other original works of art. What touched me when I saw this painting was the way they were sitting together – close but not in each other’s business. They wanted to be together but did not have to be doing the same thing. 

Do you have a friend like that? Someone you can be with without having to be doing the same thing? Maybe it is your sister or brother, or spouse, or next door neighbor. All of us need a friend we can be with without having to entertain. It allows us to have a companion without the pressure of always having to entertain. 

To have a friend like that you need to be a friend like that. We all want great friends, yet are we ourselves someone with whom people want to be friends? Are you a good friend or a high maintenance friend? Do you require “doing” something, or are you ok with just hanging out? Do you always see them when you are at your best, or have they seen you with bed head and in your grubby clothes…and they still want to hang around? Do you always have to be talking, or can you be reading in the same room without talking at all?

I hope you have a friend who you can be with without having to actually ‘do’ anything. First, work at being that friend. Be the type of friend you want, and you will have your share of friends. Ya’ gotta have friends, the real question is what kind of friends do you want?