There are several subdivisions near us that are back in building mode. Here you see a home in process, with new ones on either side as well. It is part of the American Dream to own a home. It’s a joy to be able to control your destiny, your own space, and take care of your own land…it brings peace and joy to the heart. 

When the housing market fell apart in 2008, many people lost their homes and their dreams. As a result, it has been almost eight years since this particular subdivision had any new homes. To see multiple houses going up on the same street tells me that things are getting better. It also tells me that people have saved over the years to be able to afford a down payment AND qualify for home ownership. When people buy homes they decorate, take care of the yard, buy furniture and entertain family and friends. It generates an influx of funds into the economy. 

Where do you call home? Is it a house or an apartment or somewhere else? And what about that place makes it feel like your home? Is it because you have a special place to be at peace? Or somewhere to rest your head, or somewhere to share with those you love? Or is it home because you have fixed it up to fit your world? Whatever makes your place home, I encourage you to cherish it today? Take a walk around your space, take a deep breath…and breathe in your slice of the American Dream…as Dorothy said, there is no place like home!