Where would we be without cotton? It has played a part in changing our countries history, expanded our fashion sense, and impacted our finances. And yet it is just a simple plant. What a strange thought to think that a plant could change the world. 

So if a plant can change the world, what about you? Do you have dreams so big that they could change the world? Are you willing to think on a global scale? Do you think that big? Can you think that big…and most importantly, are you willing to think that big? So people think dreaming is foolish. They think that when you set your sights on something that you can’t do or figure out, why even go down that path? I had someone say to me, “Why bother, you don’t know how to do that?”

To me it wasn’t a bother, it was a dream. My mistake was voicing my idea to someone who had no desire to encourage my dream. All they wanted to do was point out the challenges and things I did not know…and why it wouldn’t work. What I found sad was that they thought they did me a favor. They took it upon themselves to bring me “back to reality” so I could be happy. And they were proud of themselves for doing it. In their mind, job well done. I was sad for that person, and felt sorry for them. They live in a very small world where nothing changes. In their world it’s not worth trying if you don’t have all the answers. In their world each day is a routine and controllable and consistent. And yet you and I both know nothing happens unless someone takes a risk. Nothing happens until someone dreams and then works to make their dream come true. Nothing happens if everything always stays the same and is safe. Remember the definition of insanity…doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. 

Time to stop practicing your daily insanity and change. The cotton plant starts out looking like this photo, then someone figured out how to pick it, spin it, combine it with other things…change it from a simple plant into an industry that now covers the globe. If that person had not taken the risk to pick cotton – and endure the pain of the prickers – the world would be a very different place. What are you willing to risk and endure to change the world? Maybe you only want to change your world…your finances, your career, your family’s lives, your health…whatever it is, the risk and the change is worth it, even if the only world that is changed is yours.