This is some of my favorite Easter candy, after jelly beans of course. What I like about it is that you get two treats in one…chocolate AND peanut butter. All this made me think about today, which is Good Friday…two treats in one. 

Friday’s are always good, at least for those of us who work on weekdays. Friday is the gateway to the weekend. Friday lifts your heart because you know that for two days you are on your own time, on your own dime, own your own schedule. When people talk to you on Thursday, they say have a good weekend. When they talk to you on Friday, they say Thank God It’s Friday. 

Today is a special Friday, it is Good Friday…the start of the Easter celebration. What makes it ‘good’ is that today is when the proof began to show up…when Jesus was proven right. When all He told us would happen began to happen…which proved His word as ‘good’. 

So as you spend your time today, be thankful for both Friday and the special goodness it holds today. Turn off your electronic devices and savor the joy of a doubly good day…like chocolate and peanut butter in the same bite!