It’s the week before Easter and the bright and colorful decorations are out in force. Bunnies and chicks and chocolate and sugary sweets fill every bowl and store display and department store window. This time of year also means that Spring is on its way…with summer not far behind. A week’s vacation and maybe a new outfit, candy and colored eggs all come together to ‘celebrate’ Easter. 

How did an egg come to signify this week? Like these plastic ones I use each year, there is usually something hidden inside…something special. Easter is the Christian holiday that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. He promised that he would bear our sins and bring endless hope to those who believe…and somehow we think an egg is the best representation of this gift? So as I was putting out my simple Easter decorations, I paused and thought about what these plastic eggs have in common with Jesus. 

And it hit me…He gave us freedom and free will. The gift that gives enternal life if we simply choose. Like this egg, you don’t know what might happen if you would just choose to open and see what is inside. You might assume it will be candy or something fun…what if it held something more important? Something even better than you could imagine? Something beyond your wildest dreams? The naysayer in us says that can’t be true…it’s just an egg. It’s small and plastic and I’ve opened these things before; there is nothing that could fit inside some silly decoration that could be THAT spectacular. And isn’t that the point? You have to give up what you know to let in faith…to expereince beyond your imagination. 

Faith will give you the courage to open the egg and see what it holds within. Faith means you have to give up the known to experience  the unknown. Faith means you are willing to give up what you have for something miraculously better…that’s why it is called faith. It’s the same with Jesus…give up what you think and ‘know’ to embark on the journey towards eternal life. It takes effort and risk and courage to open the egg…this week ask yourself if you have the desire to live differently, better, more passionate and excited than you could believe possible. If you have that courage, then open the egg and meet Jesus…Hes’s waiting just for you.