When I recently checked into a hotel, these sweet treats were staring at me from behind the counter. I was able to resist, yet each evening they called my name. What is our recent obsession with cupcakes? Everywhere I go they seem to follow me…and my resistance is getting low! They are cute, colorful and just the right size to not feel like you are over indulging your sweet tooth. Cupcakes are a fun way to be bad. 

When was the last time you were bad? I don’t mean breaking the law bad or being immoral bad…I mean stepping outside of your box bad. I mean eating too many cupcakes, or binge watching your favorite show, or staying up past your bedtime. Sometimes we need to be a little bad to feel good. We need to step outside of the box we have built for ourselves to appreciate the wonderful elements of life. We can’t do it all the time, just enough to make us feel like our delights are being satisfied. 

Your challenge this week is to indulge in something to “treat” yourself…no one needs to know what it is, just indulge.