This is an apple rose, my husband baked them for us recently…and yes, they were as delicious as they look. I love apple pie, so this was a nice twist on the apple pie thing. My husband is a foodie; that may be putting it mildly. He loves food, he enjoys cooking food, he shows his love by making you food. The grocery store is his idea of a place to go to relax. 

I am not a foodie. I eat because if I don’t I will die. I think having to eat is a design flaw in humans; I would much rather spend my time doing anything else other than eating. As you can imagine, food is not a common ground for my husband and I. And yet, I have learned how to enjoy watching food network. I have learned how to shop in kitchen stores. I have slowly learned how to appreciate the different things he likes to eat…I didn’t say I eat them, yet I enjoy that he enjoys eating. I cna talk like a foodie, I just don’t eat like a foodie. This has been a growth area for me. I love my husband enough to know waht is important to him.

When he made these apple roses, it was his way of showing affection. I have had to learn to accept his love in the form in which he is comfortable showing it…food. I could either starve to death physically and emotionally, or I could learn to accept the food aa nutrition and a form of love. 

How do you show love? How do you want to receive love? If you don’t know, then you need to figure this out. That is your challange for today…figure out how you show love…and then show it!