This is my husband’s wallet. I call it the male filing cabinet…you can see why. I have no idea how my hubby sits on it and does not have spinal issues. He continually cleans it out, and yet it always seems to look like this. There is the every day important stuff – driver’s license, insurance card, debit card, and the movie points card. What else is in there that is “important” I do not know, but that is why it’s his wallet.

When I saw this the other day it made me think about the places in my life that I continually clean, and yet they always end up full. There is my email Inbox, the laundry basket, the magazine rack, even the mailbox. These seem to be those endless receptacles in our lives that empty and fill, empty and fill, empty and fill. As soon as we get a handle on what needs to be done, more flows in to add to our task list. Work seems to create more work. Even when I try and keep it at bay, something seems to flow through and add to the load. So instead of fighting it, I am working to keep it in perspective. 

Persepctive…what a great word. We all have challenges and stuff and information flying at us each and every day. In this whirlwind world, that is not going to stop unless you move off the grid. It’s what we choose to do with all of it that REALLY matters. It’s about choice. We can choose to deal with it, file it, organize it, or let it pass us by…in the end it is up to us to manage our world. If we feel overwhlemed, we have to take responsibility for our choices and decisions that have led us to a state of overwhlemed. Sometimes you need to relax, sometimes you need to dig in, and sometimes you need to run away and come back when your head is clear. No matter the next course of action, the choice is really up to you. You can do anything you choose to do, you can deal with anything you choose to deal with…you can BE anyone you choose to be, so choose wisely! You can put anything you want in your wallet, and only you will have to deal with it. You only get one life, so make the choices you make today count…because the choices of today are the items filling your wallet tomorrow.