During the American Craft Council Show this weekend, we all worked the booth to support my Dad. Here you see him talking to a patron on the left, wearing his red Vans…on the right you see my nephew Zack Moore also talking to a patron, wearing his maroon Vans. Different generations, same shoe of choice. 

For us all it was really about showing up to support the goal…help Paw Paw sell his work. We each learned the “schpeel” and stories around his work, and just talk to people. It was really wonderful  to see all the generations working together towards the same goal. It took some patience, and allowing everyone to exhibit their own style when dealing with patrons…all in all it was a fabulous show. 

Often we talk about the generations not getting along, experiencing a generation gap, failing to see things from the other’s perspective. Not this weekend…we all knew the goal, worked to achieve the goal, exerted the effort to support Paw Paw in anything he needed us to do. I think sometimes the generational challange isn’t as much about communication as it is about disconnected goals. When it is clear to everyone WHAT needs to happen, it crosses the barriers of age and experience. A clear goal can unite all fronts. Confusion happens when  we expect the other age group to do it our way. By not allowing or respecting that they might approach the same thing from a different perspective, we negate their contribution to the goal. Give up the control and let them do it their way. You might be surprised how they get it done. 

What can you do today to cross the barriers of age and time to reach a common goal? How can you communicate what you need done…and let the other generation figure out how they want to do it. Like our family you might be united by shoe choice…Vans…and the rest will fall into place.