Yellow is my favorite color. It is cheerful and friendly and joyous. Whenever I see yellow I feel happy and energetic. My house has yellow walls, my yard has yellow flowers, and my soul must have a yellow lining. Here you see flowers blooming in my yard. When I saw them my heart skipped a beat. These are always the first flower of Spring. They seem to ward off winter and harken all the other elements of the season to action. Hooray for Spring!

Buy ya’ know, not everyone likes yellow…or Spring. They see pollen and yard work and warm weather that requires them to turn on their air conditioning system, which means their electric bill goes up. They see house cleaning and window washing and dusting. They see mowing the lawn and pulling weeds and clearing dead trees. They see all the drudgery. They see shores, they see all the work and none of the fun. 

I see beauty and color and the world waking up from a long winters nap. I see birds hopping along searching for worms to feed their chicks. I see cats playing in the yard – chasing squirrels and moles and mice. I see a refreshing of our house and yard and a new warm breeze that flows down our hallways. I dream of screen porch naps and drizzly days where the water brings new blooms. I see the joy and life the arrives with Spring.

Which one are you? What do you focus on when you think of Spring? What do you see? You and I both know it all boils down to attitude. You can either see the troubles or the joys, the chores or the refreshing…the choice is yours! So today I ask you to choose wisely.