There are times when we get pleasantly surprised by life. Here you see Jennifer Grover, Producer for WSB-TV (, putting a microphone on my Dad – Bill Moore – for an interview. She ended up spending over three hours in our gallery filming, interviewing, and learning about Dad’s work. Her job was to gather the footage for the People2People show. She did a fabulous job and the piece aired on March 5th & 6th.  

When we each think about our lives, what are the milestones that mark our path? What events in life are you proud of, and what events do you wish you could do over? Are there things you wish you could have done? Things you wanted to try but were too scared? Maybe you were too tired? Maybe circumstances got away from you and the chance to act passed you by. Maybe you let fear rule your decisions making, so you just let the opportunity pass. Maybe you were not ready when chance knocked at your door…maybe it was any combination of these things. 

This week my Dad will be exhibiting his work in the American Craft Council Show in Atlanta, GA. He is the oldest artist to apply to the show…and he got in! For the past six months he has been building furniture, and he plans to bring a total of 25 pieces. He did all this with neuropathy, a deadening of the nerves in his hands and feet. So walking and feeling things is a challenge…yet he kept going. He will be eighty-five in April. 

So what’s your excuse? What keeps you from using your gifts? Time, age, health, fear…or something else? Follow the example of this work working artist and give it a go. You’re never too old to try…or get started.