Vintage fur coats are all the rage in fashion today. Here you see a rack in Black Bear Antiques ( in Elijay, Georgia. They are soft and warm and bring a sense of comfort to any outfit. This particular vendor specializes in vintage fashion – hats, purses, fur coats – and has an incredible display that is always changing. If you want fabulous fashion with a story, then do not miss this portion of the shop. 

Is vintage just a nice word for old? I see stores and furniture vendors using this word to describe their items. I wonder when we are using it to make something sound more special. So I looked it up:

Adjective: Vintage – denoting something of high quality, especially something from the past or characteristic of the best period of a person’s work.

It is a good word to describe something from the past that is more than just old and worn out. Vintage tells us there is a special reason why this thing stuck around, or survived and should be cherished. It tells us to pay attention, this thing is something from the past you want to pay attention to…vintage. It also made me think of the details that were in products from the past that no longer exist in items that are mass produced today. To me vintage is synonymous with specials no unique. 

So what is vintage in your world? What item do you cherish now that will be vintage of the future? The things that fill our world today will become the collector’s items of the next generations…if they last that long. So today when you interact with the items that fill your world, stop and think about what characteristics will make it last or wear out. Think about who might want it in the future…a piece of the past.