I found these chairs on the wall of an antique shop in Pine Mountain, Georgia…home of Callaway Gardens. As I snapped the photo I thought about all the stories these chairs could tell if they could talk. The people, the places, the children who leaned back on only two legs, and the mothers who reminded them to keep all four legs on the floor. What I also liked was the different colors and variations on the same theme. 

We typically think of a chair as a place to sit. In our house we have chairs hanging from walls, and we use them as shelves. We have a set of three chairs near our back door. It is a great place to store keys and pocket doo dads, so you know where all that stuff is when you start leaving. And it is a fun way to use space without creating standard shelves. 

What common object can you transform into something else? When you need space or want a creative way to reinvent a typical item, try thinking differently. We ask ourselves to be creative, and yet we sit in the same spaces with the same objects around us being used in the same old ways…and we wonder why we are not feeling creative. Take time today to find a new way of using an old object. Chairs as shelves, mechanical parts as a wind chime, door knobs as coat hooks. When you let your creative juices flow, who knows what you will be able to come up with.