It is the habits that we live out each and everyday that make us who we are. Some habits are good, some habits are bad, some we need to break….some we need to develop. I once heard a great story related to this saying:

Life is like two wolves who live in the forest. One wolf is good and kind and gentle. The other wolf is mean,and evil and full of pain. Both are equally strong, yet only one can survive and be in control. So which wolf wins? 

As you go through your day today, take notice of the things you do. Are they habits you want to continue, or are they habits you want to correct or remove? Sometimes we do things without ever realizing how often we actually do them. They are habits that make our days go quickly and yet…they may not actually move us forward. We do them because they are habits. As you move toward excellence in your life, take a long hard look at your habits…make sure they support the direction you want to go. If they do not, then have the courage to break them. 

By the way…the wolf that survives is the one you feed the most.