I was walking down a flight of stairs with my hands full, and a guy held the door for me. When I said, “Thank You” he said, “No Problem”. I appreciated his help, and was struck how this response has changed over time. It used to be “You’re Welcome, but now people say  “No Problem”. 

I have thought about this and wondered what caused this transformation? Why did the response change? “You’re Welcome” tells me that you heard and receive my thanks. It tells me that you know I appreciate your service. It tells me you did it with a welcoming heart. It is nice to be welcome to something. It is good to give thanks and to then have those thanks welcomed. Now I hear “No Problem”. The first time I heard it I was surprised. I was expecting to hear “You’re Welcome”, and in its place I heard a message about the person, not about me. “No Problem” let’s me know the person was not inconvenienced, that they didn’t mind, and that it was easy for them to do…nothing to acknowledge my thanks. Somehow the response seems to have changed to a message that is all about them. To me this is a strange transformation. 

As I thought further, I knew that this change was beyond my control…I can’t change it back. The next generation is going to respond the way they want and I need to accept their response and understand what they mean. I need to be gracious in accepting that they did something nice and it was no problem. 

What has changed in your world that you must accept? What standard were you used to that has transformed without any input from you? There are so many things that change over time, and those changes flood our world whether we like it or not. Today I encourage you to accept the things you cannot change and graciously focus on what you can change…knowing the difference between those two will help you live a life of ….no problem.