My day started with a trip to the airport…and my flight was delayed an hour, with no explanation. Frustrating, annoying, and hurried. The challenge with air travel is you buy a ticket and then relinquish control over what happens next. The goal is to get to your destination, hopefully on time, hopefully with your luggage intact. Today I accomplished two of those three goals…not on time, but the rest was successful. 

The whole process of travel has changed immensely from when I was young. We used to look forward to flying places. You felt important, you felt welcomed, you felt like the staff and crew really wanted to help you enjoy your trip. Now it feels as if traveling is like a hassle one must endure; enjoyment and generosity seem to have gone out the window. The crew are doing their jobs, and they say welcome and thank you for flying with us…yet it doesn’t seem as if their hearts are really in it. 

That made me think about the areas of my life where I might be phoning it in…where I have become complacent, or laxidasical, or dull. Where I am not bringing my best, just what I can get away with to get the job done. Some days will always be better than others. Some days the energy is there, and some days I barely feel like I have energy to take a shower. Life is full of ups and downs. It’s about how you handle the downs and the ups…how you handle the good and the bad days that makes the difference. 

I encourage you today to handle the type of day you are having, whether it be good or bad or mediocre. You might experience delays, you might experience loss, you might not know exactly what is going to happen, you may feel completely at the mercy of someone or something else…today just deal with it. Be patient, be kind, be more patient….and eventually you will arrive at your destination.