For the past two years we have been collecting recycled sign letters to spell out the name of our gallery. We have hunted flea markets, junk stores, antique shows and even found one letter in Iowa while at my niece’s wedding. My husband cleaned each letter, then I went to work priming and painting them our signature color. Here you see them finished and hung on the wall outside our Canton, Georgia location. 

When I first told my husband my idea, he got it. He wasn’t sure exactly what it would look like in the end, but he was with me for the hunt. As we told other people about this idea, some thought it was great, some smiled and nodded, and some just stared back with a blank look of disbelief. Once the letters started showing up, people would ask what they were for…and we would share our idea…some thought it was great, some smiled and nodded, and some just stared back with a blank look of disbelief. No matter what people said, we kept looking for letters. It became our silent quest…spell the gallery name or die trying!

We bought the last letter this month at an antique show in Atlanta. Our regular sign guy was there, and he had the perfect “E” for the word gallery…our quest was near an end. When I again mentioned painting the letters all the same color – they were red, and black, and blue and white and grey – some people thought it was great, some smiled and nodded, and some just stared back with a blank look of disbelief. We did paint them, hung them and now are so proud of our creation that we could spit!

During this process, I got a bit frustrated. I thought it might take us a couple months to find the letters, not a couple years. We could have bought the first letters we saw, but we didn’t. When we met our sign guy, he had enough letters to spell the gallery name…but they were not the RIGHT letters. It was ok, but not what I saw in my head. So we kept looking. One time we encountered a couple letters while we were out, but we had no cash…and we agreed to only pay cash…so we left them behind. In the end we bought one too many “N” and one too many “E”…the origianl “E” cracked and broke, the other “N” was an exact match to the one hanging, and we decided we didn’t like it. So we kept looking. 

This whole adventure reminded me that not everyone is going to get your idea…some may think it is great, some may smile and nod, and some may just stare back with a blank look of disbelief…move forward with your idea anyway. There will be people who support you, people who ‘think’ they are supporting you, and there will be people who simply stare into space not having a clue about anything that you are doing…move forward with your idea anyway! It will take longer than you thought, more trips, more disappointments, and even mistakes…move forward with your idea anyway. 

Your idea is worth the work, the set backs, the disappointments, the frustration, the hours and hours and hours of work. Your idea is your idea. It was given to you for a reason…move forward with your idea. That is your mission for today…no matter the current state of your world, no matter how ill equipped or sorely prepared you feel to bring your idea to life, no matter how broke you are now…move forward with your idea anyway! If you need someone to tell you today that you can do it…then read this….YOU CAN DO IT!