Here you see my husband at one of his most frustrating moments. If you look closely at the photo, you will see our cat Artie at the top of the fifty foot tree. He had been up there all night, and doesn’t seem to want to come down on his own…now you see my husband’s dilemma. The first time this happened, we cut down the tree. The second time this happened, Artie came down hours later on his own. This being the third time, we knew the best thing was to wait it out. Eventually he would come down on his own. 

Sometimes the hardest part of life is not acting at all. We know the right thing to do, and sometimes that RIGHT thing to do is to do nothing. Sometimes the toughest letters to get out of our mouths are “N” and “O”…”NO”. And yet sometimes the best answer we can give someone is “NO”. We are a society that thrives on action, on solving problems and getting things done. We thrive on that sense of accomplishment. And when the situation calls for us to wait it out…we feel helpless. OR the situation may call for us not to act, to say no…and let the other person figure it out for themselves. 

If we always run to action, when do we allow others to learn? When we solve things for people, when are we equipping them to figure things out for themselves? If we provide the answer or solution, when are we allowing them to develop the skills we learned by failing? Our goal is to hlep others, yet sometimes the best thing is to let them hlep themselves. 

I usually end these posts with a call to action. In this case, I am making a call to inaction. I challenged you today to NOT solve someone else’s problem. Allow them to think and solve it for themselves. Give them the gift of experience and knowledge and let them learn the lesson. Let your best action for today be inaction…and believe me, the cat will make it down the tree on their own!