I am a big fan of the movies, and when we go I often get popcorn. The smell, the flavor, the crunch – they all scream escape to me while I munch. Here you can see my popcorn bag saving my seat while I go to the restroom. 

I enjoy the creativity and the imagination of the movies. Everything from comedy to drama with science fiction thrown in there as well. I like getting caught up on the plot, caring about the characters and experiencing the difference aspects of life through someone else’s story. I find it a respit from my whirlwind life to sit in a theater for a couple hours experiencing life through someone else’s eyes. IT helps me put my work into perspective. 

How do you escape from your reality and refresh your mind? When do you escape your world and get a glimpse into life from another perspective? Maybe you read, maybe you listen to stories, maybe you enjoy movies as well. I encourage you today to take a few moments and escape your world. Give your brain the opportunity to see different aspects of how life could be lived in a new and innovative way. Expereience something creative and absorbing…popcorn is optional.