Curiosity killed the cat – satisfaction brought it back. Here you see our cat Artie being curious about my phone. I love how clear his eye turned out…it made me think about being curious. 

Sometimes I think we do not ask questions about things because we do not want to appear foolish, or ignorant…or stupid. We let the fear of what people might think get in the way of learning. We want to know more, but we feel we might be annoying, or out of line, or it might be inappropriate to ask too many questions. I have found that most people like taking about themselves or what they are interested in, and they enjoy people who are curious about what they love. Our favorite subject is ourselves, so when people ask us about us…we enjoy talking about us. 

So what are you curious about? What in your world do you need to take a closer look, to see how it works? What could you learn or be inspired by, by simply being curious? By being willing to ask some questions? Maybe you need to visit a new place, or a new restaurant, or go to a park in winter. Go or do something new simply to see what you see that you might not have seen before. Be confident in asking questions. Information is power. The reason why the cat came back was satisfaction. Once you have the information you have so much more power. Never be afraid to be a curious cat!