This is the prize wall at an entertainment franchise. It’s the kind of place where you get tickets when you play games. It reminded me that all of us are kids at heart. I saw parents and children, teenagers and middle aged adults all ogle the wall to see how they would “spend” their tickets. It was fun to watch who picked which prize.

What about you? What would you do if you had money to burn and could buy anything…and had to buy something? Do you know what you want, or are you still looking? Do you kinda, sorta, maybe know…but don’t want to admit it? Inside you feel guilty about thinking about spending money on something “foolish” or frivolous, instead of giving it to a worthy cause?? For just a few minutes, think about what you would do if you had money to burn. No one is saying you HAVE to spend it, just dream a little. 

There is nothing wrong with big dreams. We all need dreams and things to motivate us, things that keep us going. We all need things to look forward to and think about with hope. Dreaming is a natural part of living…it’s when we don’t dream or lose our dream or give up on our dreams that hope dies. The day to day grind of life will always be with us…it’s our dreams and hopes that make the daily routine not so routine. 

Today I challenge you to spend fifteen minutes thinking about something  you want – a trip, a car, a piece of furniture, someone you want to meet, anything – and get excited about your dream. Give yourself the freedom to think about it and let the hope well up inside you until it pours out into your day and gets you going…leave your checkbook or financialstatements  behind, just dream and dream big!