My husband experimented with a new recipe for Thai…and it was fabulous. He was very nervous and hesitant and actually fearful. While we was working his magic, I heard a few choice words…none I care to repeat…and yet the meal turned out great! Here you see the bowl of soaked rice noodles before he started cooking. 

His reaction to creating something he had never done before made me think about fear. A long time ago I heard a great acronym for fear…False Evidence Appearing Real. I have used that acronym all my life to remind myself that fear is a natural part of life, and usually ends up being a big fat nothing. I make it worse in my head than it usually turns out to be…false evidence. I have gone through every possible failure, tragedy, disaster, or inkling of pain before I even get started…appearing real. 

What are you afraid of right now? What change or idea or alteration in your world is haunting your brain? If you are like me, you have imagined ALL sorts of possibilities for disaster that may or may not ever happen. Yet you find yourself paralyzed in fear. New can be scary. New can daunting. New can mean stepping out on faith and hoping beyond logic that your idea will prove it’s value AND survive. New means having to give up the old. New means change. New means exciting and different and strange. New means you may not look like you once the “new” becomes your normal. And yet, if no one ever tried anything new where would we be?

Today I encourage you to soak your noodles before you begin cooking your Thai food…say a few choice words, roll up your sleeves…and cook away. Punch fear in the stomach and move ahead. It will only be new for a short while, then you will have done it once…and it won’t be new anymore. Don’t let the false evidence that appears real keep you from enjoying the glories of your efforts. You can do it!