Today is Valentine’s Day. What a strange holiday that is…more a day than a “holiday”. It is tradionally when love is in the air and people think of romance, flowers, candy, and all sorts of relationship type things. We were in a store that had this display. The women in the store gathered around and commented on the festive pink and red…the male hostages (alias husbands and boyfriends) just wanted to eat the food.

I think this is a strange “holiday”. We celebrate romance, as if it needs a commercial reason to celebrate. We feel pressure to buy something to show our affection for someone special…when in reality we are all special. Like the one piece of candy in the spoon, we all want to be picked…we want to be singled out and feel that we are worth someone’s attention. We shouldn’t need a day in February to remind us to tell the people we love that we love them. And it shouldn’t be only for people in a romantic relationship…it should be for all people.

So as you spend your day with people, tell them how much you value them. Tell them what you admire about them. Tell them you picked them as someone special in your world…because they are special, and worthy, and loveable. It shouldn’t take a “holiday” for us to tell people we love them. Today let the people around you – whether it is romantic or not – how much you value them in your life…your message may not fit on the inside of a card, but it will surely warm the inside of their  heart.