When it gets cold at our house, we put a bowl of cat food outside for hungry feline. Meet Persimmon…we think this kitty lives somewhere in our area. We nicknamed this cat Persimmon because we do not know it it is a boy or a girl. We do know it is hungry almost every night. Each night the bowl empties and each day we refill it. We joke that there is a wayward cat underground network that tells all the cats in the area where to go for food…and our house is marked with a big red circle! So far we have five different cats that eat at our house. 

We take great pleasure in meeting and feeding all the cats that stop by. Our three cats seem to be fascinated by the variety of felines that stop to eat. Some cats talk to us, some eat and run, some hang around and sleep on our deck. Every once in a while we get a crow or possum that finds the bowl, and they munch what is leftover. As long as hungry animals are getting fed, we are good to go. 

When do you have the opportunity to give of your resources without any hope of getting paid back? I would challenge you today to find a way to give without the opportunity to get. When you send good out into the world, with no hope or expectation of reciprocation, the world has a way of paying you back in beautiful and surprising ways. Take a risk today and give without the hope of receiving…and seeing you have a Persimmon in your future.