These beautiful glasses were in an antique store. My friend and I both noticed them and had a discussion about how they would be used. They could be for cordial, or sherry, or an aperitif…all of which I’m sure they were used for during one meal or another. We then talked about when in our lives we had seen something like these used….by our mothers or grandmothers or aunts or at a special event. We had fun telling the stories and sharing in the discovery. 

There are so many things that get passed down from generation to generation, and I am not sure each receiving generation appreciates it all. Sometimes it is seen as just stuff to store or pack away. Too often it gets forgotten and the joy of the stories and experiences get lost in the attic. Sometimes the recipients do not appreciate it all until they reach the time of life when they can use it and enrich their own life with stories. 

If you are the recipient of family heirlooms, be sure to find out the stories that go along with the items. If you are planning to pass down things to the next generation, be sure to share the story or write it down. So next time you use the family china or great grandmother’s sherry glasses, take the time to ask about the item and how she might have acquired it, used it, passed it down for it to end up in your hand. Because as we all know, the story is the best part!