When I was in seventh grade, I took Home Economics. Mrs. Havertine taught us to sew in that class. I made a vest…it was hideous! I may never have worn my vest, but I learned the basics of sewing. She required us to follow the pattern, learn all the techniques – button holes, seams, zippers, hemming – all the basics that went into creating a garment from scratch. I followed along hesitantly, hated what I made…but I learned. 

As the years of my life progressed, I ended up sewing a lot. My Mom encouraged me, and helped me perfect my sewing skills. I made most of my clothes when I got out of college. I made pillows and curtains and valances and decorations for my home. I made gifts, more clothes, banners for parades and churches and more clothes. I once made a bridesmaid dress for my friend’s wedding. Learning to sew when I was thirteen years old had a profound impact on my life. If someone had told me back then that I would enjoy sewing as much as I have, I would have argued them into silence. I hated the class, but learned what I needed to make my future life better. Who knew? Well, Mrs. Havertine knew…she wrestled with teenage girls until they got it. 

Who are you teaching a life skill to, in order to make their life better? Is it time in your life to invest in someone else so they can move forward along the path of success? What knowledge can you give to help someone else prepare for their future? It takes time, it takes patience, it takes a passion for learning…it takes giving of yourself. I am grateful to the women like Mrs. Havertine who invested in teaching hormonal teenage girls how to sew. I’m sure she went home and told her husband an earful about our class…and yet she came back every day and invested some more. Many thanks to Mrs. Havertine…do you have the guts to do the same?