I love cake. Cupcakes, wedding cake, birthday cake…what can I say, I am a sucker for cake. The other night my husband and I were walking through the grocery store to get in some steps…and we passed the bakery. Yes, it hit me that walking to exercise and passing the bakery was NOT a good combination…then I saw this – an entire container of icing. I literally stopped dead in my tracks, and my mouth watered. Someone in the bakery was a genius…sell the people what they want, and we always want more icing!!! I focused my gaze and I thought REALLY hard…then I kept walking. 

I had no idea that you could buy just a container of icing. It’s like taking the best part of cake and over dosing one spoonful at a time. It’s a diabetic coma in a plastic box…yum, yum, yum! Wow! I’ve had cake made by this bakery, and the icing is stupendous. So the thought of being able to buy the best part is amazing to me. As I quickly walked away…sighing as I left the container alone in the display case…I had a thought. Would cake be the same if I always ate only the icing?

How do you eat cake? Do you eat it bite by bite? Do you eat the icing first? Do you eat the cake first and save the icing for last? Or do you eat the cake and re-spread the icing to the parts of the cake that do not have as much icing? Maybe you leave the icing because you think it was too thick or too much or too sweet. Maybe you don’t like cake, but looooovvveeee icing. However you eat it, there is a reason why you eat it. We usually eat cake to celebrate someone or something. If the icing in my mind is the best part, and if we eat only the icing all the time…are we losing some of the joy in our celebrations so that cake becomes no big deal? When I search my tastebuds for the answer, I have to admit, cake without icing is not the same. And icing without cake is decadent, and yet still not the same. 

It is both parts that make cake a celebration. By overly enjoying the best part, the celebration loses it’s luster. It is the combinaiton of cake and icing that make a party a party, a wedding a wedding, a birthday cake so much yum! Though I drooled at this container of icing, I realized that the joy of eating it would be empty if I indulged too often and too much without the cake. What indulgences do you take for granted? What have you enjoyed so often that now it is normal, routing, almost boring? As a people we work hard and reward ourselves to the point that what was once special is now common and dull. I encourage you today to abstain from what was once a treat to bring back it’s special-ness. Give up your goodies for a while to later be able to celebrate them again. Practicing moderation in all things is better than taking the joy out of icing.