I recently attended a funeral in a church I normally do not attend. I did not know the customs, or people, or how things go during this type of ceremony in that church. The person speaking quoted scripture and I had not brought my bible. The service was in English and Spanish…and my high school Spanish is a bit rusty. The woman sitting next to me had an app on her iPad that had both languages, so she graciously shared with me during the service. I left my iPad in the car not wanting to be rude by using technology during the funeral…it struck me how technology has invaded every area of our lives, even the way we worship. My gracious neighbor had to be in her mid sixties…good for her for embracing an iPad. 

How has technology invaded your world? That might seem like a dumb question to be asking in 2016, yet I want you to think about it. Do you read electronic books instead of buying paper ones? Do you bank online or buy your clothes without going into a store? Do you “connect” with people over social media or via email? Do you attend meetings or FaceTime people instead of being in the same room? And what about your time with family? Does everyone have their own device and interact with IT instead of the people who are actually IN the room? When you think about it, technology has advanced our knowledge and reduced our value of people. 

Today as you interact with technology, stop and think about the relationship you are or are not developing BECAUSE you are using technology. There is still important work to be done with people, technology cannot replace that. We need people, we were designed to be with people, live our lives with people, give our gifts away to help people be better people. Technology can enhance that and yet it can never replace all that. We still need people, and people need us. 

Maybe I am writing this because I just attended a funeral. I am sure my friend’s Mom was not on her deathbed hoping she sent one more email…what I’m sure she wanted was more time with the people she loved. When you have the opportunity to choose between technology and people, ALWAYS choose people!