I know I have an obsession with color, crayons, and all things creative. I recently went to The Crayola Experience in Orlando, Florida. I went through the retail portion and found they had over 120 different crayon colors…you could make up your own crayon box. Needless to say I went crazy and filled my own tin with markers and crayons. I had to repack my luggage to get it home…but I got it home!!!

The cool part was they brought back colors that had not been manufactured since the 1970s. They had glitter crayons and metallic crayons, and neon crayons. There were colors there only available in their stores, and new colors. In this picture you are viewing the blue end of the spectrum. It was fun to see little kids and grown ups like me handling all the crayons, walking along the display and picking up the colors to see what they were called. Many times I heard, “Wow, look at all those crayons!” 

What struck me was the marketing of creativity. All they sold were markers and crayons, or color related things. What they were selling was potential…tools to get people thinking about wanting to be creative. The excitement was over what you could DO when you got home. The adults were just as excited as the kids..they had coloring books for all ages. Remember, this was only the retail portion of the “experience”…next time I plan to go through the game/theme park portion to see what THAT includes…I’m so excited!

What have you experienced lately that got you excited, purely because you saw the potential? You didn’t have an end product or a complete experience, yet you saw the potential of what could be…and your creative juices started flowing. I challenge you today to visit a furniture store, or craft store, or to buy a box of unsharpened pencils…it is the potential we see that gets our minds thinking and creating and dreaming. Go find some potential and put it to work!