I had the pleasure of getting my shoes shined on my way out of town. I visited the shoe shine booth at the airport, and that is where I met Charles. He was the man who shined my shoes, and he has been shining shoes for over twenty years. He said he had seen a lot of people come and go, and he realized one thing. People who are not able to be positive when life is good, will never be happy in life. It might sound obvious, yet how true it is. 

As I sat on the plane flying to my destination, Charles was on my mind. Here is a guy who has worked hard for every dime he earns, shining and working on shoes for people who may never interact with him again. He had a kind word and some wisdom to share, and took the opportunity to make me think…all while making my black boots look like new. His service came with a smile and thoughts to make my day go better. I thought I was getting my shoes cleaned, what I got was an attitude adjustment. 

So how was your day today? Did you leave someone else’s world better than you found it? Did you impart words to lift them up, or did you leave your drama on their doorstep so they had to step over it to get out? I challange you to take the time to make just one person’s world better, even if you never see them again. And when you walk away, say thank you Charles…for being an example to us all.