My husband and I have inherited a majority of our family photos. In all these photos, from birth through every life event is somehow memorialized in a photo. The challenge most of us have is how to display them without overwhelming our home with ONLY family photos. Here you can see my solution to that problem. We dedicated one room of our home to family perephenalia. People who visit us always spend time in this room enjoying the photos and family documents. 

One of the ways I kept the room from getting too overwhelming is by only grouping similar pictures together. Here you see the Men & Their Family wall. I grouped family shots which featured men and their children, or male children. It is fun to see the fashions change, the hair styles change, and the braces come off the teenagers. I work so that every member of our family is represented in multiple ways around the room. One fun story, when my nieces or nephews bring people over this is the room the person always wants to see…everyone laughs at all our our gaucky teenager shots…and we all give thanks that time has been kind. When we play games, this is the room we use. The stories and history of our family is always a fun source of conversation. Everything from politics to religion to who married whom gets discussed. 

What can you do to celebrate your family? If you don’t have a room to dedicate, what about a wall or a photo album? Do you even know where all your family photos are? I encourage you today to NOT take all that history for granted. You are where you are because someone in your past made choices that helped or hurled you forward. Their actions set you on a path that continues even in the next generation. When I enter this room, I see my grandfather wearing his favorite tie – a cow hide pattern – and am reminded that he was one of the first entrepreneurs in our family. I celebrate his courage and feel it course through my veins, even if I do not want a cow tie of my own!