There was a time when men and women took great pride in how they dressed. Here you see a display of hats from the 1800s. ( Think of all the places the men who wore these hats went with one of these on their head. Three different hats that were worn for very different occasions. We are admiring them over a hundred years later, and just seeing them makes us think. For me they bring up images from My Fair Lady or Downton Abbey…a different time with a different attitude toward someone’s appearance. We have hats all over our house, the majority are baseball caps my husband wears when working outside…not quite the same as wearing a black top hat to the opera, but the idea is basically the same. 

When was the last time you wore a hat? Was it a hat to protect your head, one to enhance your outfit, or one to cheer on your favorite sports team? Maybe you don’t think you look good in hats. Maybe you don’t think about hats because you don’t see many other people wearing hats. Maybe you have a hat and don’t think about wearing it because it is sitting in a closet somewhere and you don’t remember you have it. Maybe you are afraid to stand out in a crowd by wearing a hat when no one else does…you know what’s coming!

Get out your hat and put it on. Enjoy the idea of your hat, being a trend setter, and give thanks for the protection that hat provides your head. People love hats and usually comment to the positive when they see someone wearing a hat…so be that person. Find one you enjoy, and out it on. And when you are really happy, throw it up in the air in joy!