Family Game night takes on a whole new meaning when you see this display. This is another Westside Market display ( Here the games are for sale, but I loved the way this vendor made it fun to think about all these games. If you like playing board games, this could be a cool way to display your favorites on a wall – for everyone to enjoy the fun. 

As I stood in front of this wall, I had to think about which of these games I had played and which I had ever even heard of. It brought back may childhood memories, and a couple loud arguments with my brothers about cheating and poor losers. Just the sight of the game box made me smile. 

What about you? When was the last time you played a board game with family or friends…without any technology interrupting you? Could you do it? Could you put down your phone or other device long enough to spend time with the people in the room? That is your challenge. Take an hour and play a game – board game, card game, or even dominos – and just enjoy being disconnected from the world outside. When the game is over, you can be sure the world is still spinning, and will continue spinning when you plug back in. Take time today to play around…the people you love will thank you!