Do you remember the first day of school when you opened a fresh box of crayons? When you could smell the creativity as it poured out of the box? When the possibilities of what you might create were endless? I found a box of old crayons in our attic, and when I opened the box…the smell and colors covered me in memories. 

One childhood memory that sticks in my brain was in grade school, when we were asked to draw a tree in art class. We were given blank paper and crayons, and time to draw. At the end of the class everyone showed their trees, and like all children do, they laughed at the ones that were different. I don’t remember if I was one of those who got laughed at, yet I remember the ridicule. I remember feeling bad for the kids who were picked on for being different. I also remember the teacher highlighting the creativity of the “different” trees and telling us that none of the pictures were wrong – just a different version of a tree. 

Today I wish for you the excitement that comes out of a box of crayons. Whatever you are going to tackle today, anticipate the wonderful things you will create. Don’t worry about staying within the lines, sometimes our best ideas come from mistakes or out of the line marks. Don’t worry about what other people think, or if they understand your picture…or if your creation looks like everyone else’s work. Let the creativity lead you. Let the freedom overflow and take over. I wish for you the joy that is inspired by the smell of a box of crayons…