We are a couple weeks away from Valentine’s Day. In a cooking shop I saw these candy toppings for cookies and cupcakes, and it made me think about marketing. Someone packaged, labeled, and designed the display for these holiday specific toppings…any other time of the year they would just be red candy. These are being packaged and sold to make the purchaser feel special, unique, and that they are buying something that will make whatever they make more valentinesie. 

When you think of all this in terms of yourself…how have you packaged yourself and your outputs to present them to the world? Do you change how you present things in order to make them more attractive and desirable to the audience? Do you rearrange and reinvent what you offer so people can see it’s value? You might think that marketing is not important…I would ask you to rethink that mindset. Life is all about marketing. If you are in a relationship, you are into marketing. If you have a job, your are into marketing. If you produce something – anything – and sell or give it away, you are into marketing. If you have children, then you KNOW about marketing. If you have ever moved people toward a decision…then you are into marketing. Bad advertising and rip off artists have given marketing a bad name. They have taken the best parts of this skill and used it to hurt, manipulate, betray people. 

As you live through your day, take a look at your life and your world and what is going well and what needs to be marketed better…if you do not think your life is worth that effort, then why should anyone else? Instead of approaching your world like small jars of red candy, market your life and your world like the best, most delicious cupcake toppings that everyone needs to make the holiday perfect. You ARE that wonderful and will make a difference…but you have to choose to sell it that way, to yoruself AND the world.