Upon visiting a local horse training barn, we met this friendly fellow…how did he say hello, by sticking his nose into my face and sniffing wildly. I was not only startled, I was amused. This horse had no worries in sticking his nose out there. He was more curious than he was fearful. Here we were strangers in his house, and he wanted to know who we were. 

When I am fearful I do not stick my nose out, or anything else for that matter – I usually get quiet and withdraw. When I am curious I ask lots of questions and talk a lot more than normal. What do you do when you are fearful? And what do you do when you are curious? It might seem like a strange pairing, and yet curiosity lives right on the brink of fear. When we face too much of the unknown our desire to inquire gets overpowered by fear. 

I encourage you today not to live in fear, live in curiosity. Let the joy of finding out about the unknown rule your day. Do not let thoughts of panic or dread or ruin invade your mind…think about it  – whatever IT is – as an unknown place, person, adventure that you can learn more about. When we are curious and seek out new things, our world expands, our mind expands, and our imagination grows. Face today like this horse…put your nose out there and see what new people, places, and things you will encounter.