My husband loves old pick up trucks and Labrador retrievers. When I saw this advertisement, I knew he had to see it as well. It is the perfect picture of his dream retirement…a truck, his dog, and a fishing adventure. 

What do you dream about? What things or living creatures or places do you want to live with in the future? I hope you have big dreams, ones that are so big they scare you. Dreams that are so big you have no earthly idea of how they would ever come true. Dreams that are so big that they cannot be achieved unless you have help. 

My simple wish for you today is that you dream and dream big. Find a picture of what you want and put it up for your soul to see. Let the ideas whirl around your head and keep you up at night…let the magic of dreaming guide your sleep and your earthy decisions. Life is not worth living if you don’t have a dream! So find your truck, your dog, and your fishing pole and dream away!!!