Recently in an antique store, I saw this box of cogs, sprockets, wheels…junk. Whatever you call it, it is a box of potential. Someone dismantled their machines and is now selling the parts to people like me who wants a box of junk. What’s the saying, “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.” Well call me the other man, because here I see creativity, possibility, exciting options. 

Is it easy for you to imagine things differently? Or do the parts always have to go back in the same order in which they were dismantled? Order is good, chaos is good, re-inventing is good. Sometimes you need to see broken things in order to reimagine the possibilities of a new beginning. If you have broken areas of your life – things did not or are not turning out like you thought, hoped, dreamed they would – instead of seeing it as a box of junk, why not turn it on it’s head and see it as possibilities? Look at it from a new perspective and see what could be…not what you thought should be.

Sometimes the key to life is managing the shoulds…let go of the rules and see that box of junk as possibilities that only a box of junk can provide. Instead of trying to put all the pieces back together into the same things that was in the past, take the pieces in a new direction and invent something new. Have the courage to reinvent yourself…instead of junk, maybe today is the first day of your life as a treasure. Be the one who sees the treasure…