Crab legs, cooked to perfection. One of my colleagues had these for dinner the other night, and the color caught my eye. She said they were excellent – lots of work to eat, but worth the effort. The others at the table finished their meal 30 minutes before she had eaten all of her crab legs. So we talked and enjoyed watching her work/eat. 

What happens in your world when others are not at the same point in the experience as you are? You know what I mean, you are ready or finish before everyone else…so you have to wait. Some people become impatient, some people order more food, others just sit and wait and enjoy the time to digest. I’ve been with people who finish first and you can tell that you are inconveniencing them because you are not done eating yet…the annoyance is hard to overlook. 

How do you behave when others are slow to finish? Do you just enjoy the time to rest, or do you get annoyed? The way we treat people in all situations reflects on who we really are at the core. When we are impatient, we are letting them know that what we want is more important than them…work today on being patient and allowing people to go at their own pace. Enjoy the time instead of being crabby!