This is our cat Buschi, excited about a rabbit or squirrel he sees out the window. You can’t tell in the picture but his tail is switching back and forth like he is plugged into an electric outlet. He’s making short snorting noises, and can barely contain his excitement. I love the odd position he has wedged himself into so he can get the perfect view of his target. I don’t think it was comfortable, but it made his view better. I have never seen him do this before, that is why it caught my eye. 

It made me think about what I am willing to do to get what I want. Am I willing to be uncomfortable? Am I willing to stretch myself? Am I willing to look awkward to others? Am I willing to expend energy and be exhausted later? Being honest with myself I had to say yes and no to some of those questions. Sometimes I could say yes to them all, but it depended on the thing I was excited about. And like Buschi, it doesn’t happen very often. 

So I cannot answer yes to the questions, and I am not that passionate about what I do very often…then what am I doing with my time? Why am I doing what I am doing? Am I coasting, too busy doing nothing, am I just eking by or am I still on the path to finding more areas of passion? It could be some combination of all those things…but how am I spending my time? 

How are you spending your time? How would you answer those questions? Do you have something you are so passionate about that you act like you are plugged into an electric outlet? Your challenge today is to examine your time and dedicate a portion of it to your area of passion. An area that when you are engrossed in that area, people see your tail switch as if you were hunting Wabbits!