Inspiration: Let the Water Fall


This beautiful waterfall is located on the grounds of the Lodge & Spa at Callaway Gardens ( Eventhough it is winter, the water and moss are beautiful. What I appreciate is that someone takes the time to keep it going, even when they have no idea who may admire it each day. They keep the water clean, the moss green, and the rocks a natural contrast. 

It is a waterfall. The whole idea is that water rolls off the elements to create tranquil sounds and a picturesque view for people who pass by. When I saw it today, it made me think about the “problems” I have and how I need to let them roll off my shoulders like water off a waterfall. It’s not ignoring the problems. It’s not pretending they are not there. It is letting them roll off and become part of the view. If you think of it, it’s like letting the problems create a view of the world…keeping them in perspective. 

What problem are you facing that you need to let roll off the rocks of life? If you can change your persepctive on how that problem impacts your world, it may lighten your load. Sometimes all you need is a little perspective, a different view of things to give yourself the ability to see the problem more clearly. I would challenge you today to let your problems roll over the moss and rocks of your world…to see where they really fall, put them in perspective, give us a better view of our world. 


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