I wore this necklace today. It is made out of recycled paper converted into jewelry by women in Africa. I don’t remember the specifics of which village created it, and yet it means a great deal to me that I supported creative women by purchasing their artwork. The person sitting next to me today asked me if my necklace was made out of recycled paper…she had one as well. We then had a great conversation about why we each bought the item and learned more about each other on a whole new level. 

When you put on your clothes, do you think about the conversations your choices might start? Are you prepared to tell people about the meaning of what you wear? Or do you choose things simply for a utilitarian perspective? There is a saying that clothes make the man…well in some cases clothes make the village, or at least financially support the village. 

Today when you put on your outfit for the day – whether it is for work, play or somewhere in between – be thankful for the people who designed and produced your clothing. Take a long look at your items and show gratitude for the people behind the scenes that are making you look good. It is your challenge today to give thanks for people who use their creativity to make you look your best.