I posted yesterday about the terror and sense of being overwhelmed I had in cleaning out our attic. Over the weekend I bit the bullet and tackled the task…here is what it looks like now! It took me five hours, lively music, gloves, a broom and dustpan, some pent up anger…and a stream of cuss words to get it all done. No matter what it took, I did it! I know what everything is up there, why it is there, who put it there, and how long it needs to stay. I can’t tell you the sense of accomplishment I had in tackling this nightmare. Our garbage is full, Goodwill got a truck load of donations, and boxes of similar content are all lined up. Now our attic holds no fear, other than regular creepy attic noises we hear when the wind blows. 

So yesterday I challenged you to tackle your fearful thing…did you? Did you figure out what was preventing you from doing it? Did you do anything to get the ball rolling? If the answer is yes…good for you! If the answer if no, then why not? What is REALLY preventing you from tackling your fear of getting started? Are you afraid of failure? Or of not doing it right? Or of getting started and not finishing? Sometimes it is easier to live with the beast than to tackle it? We get comfortable in feeling bad about ourselves, so if we get rid of the thing that makes us feel bad about ourselves…then how would we feel? We might have to face a different reality and what does THAT look like? So we stay in our safe place of feeling bad…no matter how dysfunctional we know it to be…”safe” is a relative term here. 

We’re not even through the first month of the year, so you deserve to feel good about yourself and your world. I am going to encourage you one more time to tackle the beast in your world. Get up the courage to change it and put in the effort…as someone who tackled our beast of an attic, I can’t find words to tell you how good I feel. The best holds no more fear for me…I am free to move onto another battle. You too can conquer your fear and get IT done, whatever IT is in your world. The thrill of victory is amazing! You and your world are worth it…so take a deep breath and DO IT!