This is our attic, the one where everything gets shoved when we want to “put it away”. I made it my goal over the holidays to go through everything that was up there and get things straight. I did not meet my goal. I did not get it done over the holidays. Every time I went up there and saw this mishmash of “stuff” I got discouraged. The job seemed more than I could handle, so I left it alone. I mean look at the mess up there? Where did all this stuff come from? Who put it up there, and do we still need it? Does anyone actually know what is up there? Holy moly…heavy sigh!

Do you ever feel that way? You get overwhlemed by the elements of a task and cannot figure out where to start? So you don’t start, and the task just gets bigger and bigger and BIGGER! It looms over your head like impending doom and mocks you in your failure to get it done. By not doing anything you some how feel worse than if you just got started…yet you don’t have the drive or courage to get started. All this emotion over cleaning up our attic. Sounds like a simple task, and yet I was paralyzed in just getting started. 

I challenge you to tackle the beast in your world. What is that thing you keep putting off because you don’t know where to start? Take a deep breathe, and do something…anything…just get something going. Don’t let the size or fear get in your way, just take a baby step toward the goal. How do you tackle the beast? One step at a time…