It’s cold where we are and we can tell by the way our cats are sleeping. Here you see two that usually aren’t close, but today they are willing to suck it up to keep warm. This is Artie and Gabbi sleeping on an ottoman in our living room. I guess Gabbi is so cold that she is willing to have Artie’s feet in her face. That’s not love, that’s necessity. 

I think sometimes we confuse necessity for relationship. We are doing what it takes to get the job done, or just what needs to be done in order to survive. We interact with people and call them friend, when they may just be co workers or colleagues, acquaintances or someone we know by name. There’s nothing wrong with that, I just think is is important that both parties understand it from the same perspective. A friend is not someone who likes your photos on Facebook. A friend is someone who will accept your call at all hours of the night, no questions asked. We have people that we pass the time with, people we shop with, people we worship with, and people who know the inner most thoughts of our soul…not all of those people are friends. 

So who are your friends and who are your others? Both groups could be large or small, close or at a distance. I ask you to think about those people who you could put your feet in their face while you both work to stay warm…and appreciate them for what they are…friends. The others are those who would NEVER interact with your feet, let alone allow you to put them in their face…others. Be grateful for your friends and be grateful for the others…we need both!