This is the grill from a 1940s-ish Chevrolet pick up truck…rusted, broken, and full of beauty. It is my husband’s dream vehicle. We found this one outside our favorite barbeque restaurant. It is a great vintage find and actually made my husband drool. 

We were sitting in the restaurant when the waitress told us they just installed this truck, purely as a street display. It had a blow up Santa in the back, obviously to celebrate Christmas. The back end had twinkle lights along the bumper and around the truck bed. It was just for display, but it was the perfect display. Did I mention that my husband drooled?

What are you passionate about? What makes you drool? What vintage find makes you stop then turn around so you can get a closer look? I hope that you have something you are excited to see and enjoy. I hope that you can appreciate items from the past and how they enhance the future. There is something special about “old” or vintage or mature stuff…it’s fun to imagine the people and places a vehicle like this has experienced…